As an Artist and teacher, I often stumble upon something that is just so cool that I need to share it. Most of my learning has been by accident. I reckon, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”, so I am often willing to try something – even if it is only once. Sure there are times when things just don’t work, but the times when they do, I become so overjoyed that I want to shout it fom the hilltops….so THIS is my hilltop.

Sunflower Lino-print by Jax

An Artist’s Colour Palette

Needless to say, your paint medium is a vital component to the successful outcome of a painting. It is imperative that you know what paint mediums you have to work with and what they look like. It is very easy to forget certain colours when you have a large selection of paints.

Criticizing Art

To criticize does not necessarily imply “to find fault”, but the word is often taken to mean the simple expression of an objection against prejudice, or a disapproval. Often criticism involves active disagreement, but it may only mean “taking sides”. It could just be an exploration of the different sides of an issue .

A Painting Demonstration

A wonderful step by step demonstration by world renown Artist Eric Wallis using the Chiaroscuro method of painting.

Principles Art

Before we can create a good piece of Artwork, we really need to have some idea of these principles and elements. We need to know them and understand them and have good technical skill of these principles and elements before we can even consider breaking them.

Photographing Your Artwork

It is really important to know how to photograph your work and to keep an accurate visual record of all your artwork.

Reference for Artists

Creating a piece of Art, whether it is a painting, sculpture or collage, requires planning. As part of this planning, it is imperative that the Artist has reference to work from. It is a misconception that Artists also have a photographic memory and therefore create all their Artwork from memory.

Bad Artists copy, good Artists steal

Art and painting has evolved so much and there is so much really great Art out there today (and some really bad Art too) that is being recognized and what is happening more and more to day is that Art is being stolen (I mean blatantly stolen!) by other Artists.

Interpretation and Style

I have always maintained that Art is an emotion. When an Artist paints, no matter what it is, they are in a certain frame of mind; feeling certain emotions.

Finding Models

There is nothing more exciting than painting a live model. Being an artist’s model is harder than it looks though .

Guidelines for selling artwork in galleries

As with all Artists who do what I do for a living, it is imperative that we manage our business of creating Art, as a business and therefore be very cautious when it comes to Galleries and Gallery owners.

The importance of an Artist’s Logbook

As an active artist, producing work everyday, and selling your work; it is really important to keep good records and a log of your work.

How to make your own canvas board

Buying canvas boards or canvas on frames can be quite an expense, especially if you paint a lot. Canvas boards are nice to use to paint smaller pieces for practice and pleasure and can be easily slipped into a frame if they are standard size boards, or stored flat on top of each other using less room than canvas frames.

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