I am five months in to my one-piece-of-art-everyday challenge.  I have come up with topics for this challenge every month in the hope that artists will join me in this challenge.  Sadly, very few others are participating (that I know of) daily, so I plan to continue with an open option and will be calling March simply March On Art, because this is what I am doing … marching on.

Drawing or painting every day is a commitment that I have made in order to better myself and my art. Having this commitment gives me something really important to do every single day. It’s a reason for getting up every day and celebrates my God given gift. It is my form of worship if you like.

Creating beautiful art reminds me of everything that I have in this world to be grateful for. Albeit a memory or something that I see in nature, my pets, or loved ones.  Doing it every day, is my way of showing gratitude for my life and this wonderful passion that I have for art.

It’s giving me the opportunity to play with all the mediums and paper that I have collected over many years, and I get to look at all the photographs that I have taken too. Now, when I take a photo, I consider a painting, drawing or something instead of just clicking away. It’s fun!

If you would like to participate and perhaps have some lovely topics or ideas for a month of challenges, it would be great to hear from you.

February challenge was Paint What You Love – using old photos that I have collected. I used tiny little postcards to work on (this was a challenge in itself!) but it worked out great!

If you want to look at the paintings that I made over this month, you can have a look at them here on a little video that I created. Please leave me a comment and subscribe to my channel. I will be uploading a little video every month showcasing these artworks. 


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