What We Offer

  • Kid-friendly online weekly Art class. Classes are grouped in Blocks of 10 weeks.

What You Get

  • A complete Art Pack containing all art materials required for each lesson on registration for each Block. The Art Pack includes surface cover for work area (and online cleaning instruction)  workbooks, paint boards and a variety of art materials including paints, charcoal, brushes, pencils clay etc. Each block will introduce new materials.
  • Minimal reading required for the learner. we make use of slide-shows, images and videos with voice notes.
  • A fun way to learn about art, improve confidence and dexterity.
  • Classes can be taken at a time when it suits the child’s schedule and is ideal for lazy weekend afternoons.
  • We encourage children to create art often so we include a  lot of extra materials for the child to work with outside of lesson time.

 What It Costs

R1 500.00 per child per block (10 weeks) – This includes Art Pack

How It Works

Our classes are arranged in Blocks of 10 weeks. On registration, parents may collect (or arrange for delivery) of the child’s Art Pack. This Art Pack includes absolutely all materials required for each weekly lesson for 10 weeks.

Your child will receive a login Username and Password that they may use to access the first lesson on the day that the Block is launched (On a Monday) and a new lesson will be available every Monday thereafter for 10 weeks. You will then be given a 2 week period to register for the next Block and the process will be repeated.

Students may comment and leave me messages on each lesson and I will reply. Parents may Whatsapp images of their young artist’s work so they may be displayed in their gallery online.

Each Art Pack is assembled by hand and with supplies that are currently available during the lock down and packaged in a way that the child will be able to find everything they need in clearly marked Lesson bags.  Having said that, our classes are limited, so classes are offered on a first come, first served basis. Payment of R1500 per child (which includes their Art Pack) will secure your child’s spot for the first 10 classes. Arrangements for Art Packs will be made on contact 



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The Painting Cave
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Aidan Wilson
Aidan Wilson
11:05 01 Dec 18
Charles September
Charles September
14:01 28 Nov 18
Very friendly and welcoming owner that will spark and nurture your interest in art. . Seen some of the students' work... and seems to be a place to be if you are artistic or wish to explore your artistic side. Mainly painting but a wide variety of art forms covered and more
Gavin Kelly
Gavin Kelly
09:47 29 Sep 18
Fantastic art. Wonderful artists.
streicher van schalkwyk
streicher van schalkwyk
12:20 17 Sep 18
Great service
Gisele Oertel
Gisele Oertel
12:09 07 Aug 18
Roland Whittaker
Roland Whittaker
07:32 26 Jul 17
Great Teacher and environment with personalised glasses in nearly all mediums
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