Frequently Asked Questions

Can you offer my child a class on a Saturday?

No, unfortunately not. Our Saturdays are reserved for Workshops and Birthday Parties.  Term classes are pre-planned and available on one afternoon per week, (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 3 pm to 4 pm, when your child is available and which you choose is determined when you enroll your child.

I have a pre-schooler, can he join?

As adorable as these little ones are, they are disruptive to a KidsArt Term class as they cannot sit still and focus for a whole hour (and neither should they be expected to) So, sadly no, however, if you would like to wait in our waiting area with your younger child, we do provide a chalkboard for them to be entertained while they wait with mom or dad.

We have a pre-planned holiday that will fall on a day when my son should be in class. Can he fit into another class on another day for that lesson?

We will absolutely try to accommodate him, provided that there is a seat available in another class. Our classes are limited to seat 10 children

The term has started, may we still join?

Yes. We close term enrollments from the 3rd lesson on, as this is when projects start. Of course, we will pro-rata your payment.

My child does not do KidsArt Term classes, may he join the Holiday Workshop?

Absolutely. All children from Grade 1 to Age 15 years may attend. We run two different workshops over 4 weeks and we alternate the dates, so that your child may attend either or both. Kids Holiday Workshops

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