Tutorial - The Practicalities

Of Painting


Over the years that I have been teaching Art, I have gathered a lot of training techniques and tips that I pass on to my STUDENTS at The Painting Cave.

This little book has been growing and growing over the years and is crammed full of useful ideas for beginners and seasoned painters.

It is currently 29 pages long and can be printed out to use as and when you need it.

From techniques on how to get your images onto your canvas to mixing paint. Many of the things that are mentioned in this little book are questions that have been asked of me by students many times over.

I hope that you can gain something from this e-book, and maybe even have a few pointers to add.

You are welcome to email me your tips and advice so that this book may grow.

It is free of charge as I receive great pleasure in seeing Artist's accomplishing what they set out to do.

If this book can help you in anyway, I will be happy!

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated so feel free to email me at info@thepaintingcave.co.za


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