The Artist's Colour Palette

Needless to say, your paint is a vital component to the successful outcome of a painting. It is imperative that you know what paints you have to work with and what they look like. It is very easy to forget certain colours when you have a large selection of paints. Many different brands make paints with the same names for their colours as others however, the names can be very misguiding so to ensure that you always know what colours you have, and it's a good idea to keep a log of the paints in your kit by creating a swab index.

Create your own colour swab sheet with paint references

Record the name of the brand as well as the colour name next to the swab, so that you will know which brand of a colour to replace when necessary.


Looking at the colour wheel, it is very easy to see which colours are cold and which are warm. Certain colours can be either warm or cold depending on how the colour has been created. Being aware of cold and warm colours can influence the interpretation of a painting and will also contribute to the success of a painting, so careful planning is imperative.

Certain colours can be either warm or cold depending how the colour has been created...

Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Marketing companies understand the influence of colour on the human. Artists generally express themselves with colour in the same way. Being aware of colour in your own life will influence your interpretation of colour and can prove to be a wonderfully expressive tool for you as an Artist. An Artist like Picasso was known to go through different colour periods in his painting. The paintings tell so much about his emotional state during those periods. It is so wonderful to see his soul in his work. As a true Artist, to wear your heart on your sleeve takes courage. These courageous paintings are the beautiful ones that speak subliminally into the mind of the viewer. The painting that takes the viewer into the heart of the artist and very often, the viewer takes the Artist into theirs ... this is true art.


Some tips to keep your paints in a good condition

Always save the lids from your empty tubes.

Always save the lids from your empty tubes. You never know when a lid will break on another tube and you need to replace it.

It is a good idea to clean up your tubes after every other painting. If you are messy like me, while I am working on a painting, I squeeze the tubes incorrectly or leave the lid off and the mouth of the tubes get clogged up with paint. 
Tools like tube squeezers and bulldog clips work well to squeeze the last drop out of a tube to avoid waste. I keep a wall screw attached to a keyring (so I don't lose it) to pry out dry lumps of paint in a tube and also the back end of a slim spoon. A pen knife is a permanent part of my painting stuff to clean out the tube lids and many other useful jobs.



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