Painting Classes

Getting to know your style and level of expertise is really important for me as a teacher, so your first 5 sessions will give me and you time to unfold and discover what you need to be taught and what you already know.

Once you have secured your spot at The Painting Cave you will need to bring the following along with you for your first session:

a) They are of a subject that you would like to turn into a painting and

b) That this is not a photograph of another Artists artwork.


We will decide together what portions of these 6 references you will use as your first painting. Remember, if you have never painted before, it is a good idea to find some simple subjects. You will use pieces of the reference to create your own masterpiece which you will plan in the form of a sketch prior to painting.

If you find this quite daunting, maybe you should consider a drawing class first.


Read more about our Drawing Class here

Drawing classes at The Painting Cave

Painting Classes


All the materials needed are listed here

requirements for the Drawing class




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