Community Projects

I believe very strongly in the saying:

"The meaning of life is to discover your gift... the purpose in life is to give your gift away."

I am extremely grateful to be living my dream and I find tremendous joy in blessing people with my gift. I try to contribute to worthy causes and projects using my talent in some way that will benefit others where and when I can.

It also blesses the students of TPC to partake in these type of projects.

If you have a project or a good cause that we can help with that involves art, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss it and see if there is something that we can do.

Community Project by the students of The Painting Cave in honor of the Firemen in our community who take care of us.

The students of TPC were approached by the members of the Henley Crime Community Forum and asked if we would like to participate in a special even that they will be hosting to honor the Firemen in our community.


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firemen paintings


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